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Survivor Brochure: A Health Care Guide for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence (Hard Copy and PDF) $0.00
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Strengthen Families, Prevent Violence Brochure (Hard Copy and PDF) $0.00

FUTURES worked in partnership with Olga Trujillo, JD and the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health to develop a health brochure for those who have survived childhood or adult violence/abuse.  The physical and emotional harm that comes from being abused by a loved one can affect survivors even after the violence has stopped. The brochure offers trauma-informed recommendations for survivors about how to become proactive in their healthcare and how to best advocate for their needs with health care providers.

The PDF download link includes both the English and Spanish versions of the brochure.

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The Magic of Everyday Gestures: 8 Ways Parents and Caregivers Can Support Children Healing from Trauma

This tri-fold brochure was developed for parents and caregivers and provides concrete strategies for promoting resiliency among children who have experienced violence. It provides simple ways to connect with children and help them to feel loved. This brochure can be distributed in a variety of settings that serve families, including early childhood programs, health care agencies, domestic violence programs, schools, child welfare agencies, and others. This brochure was funded under our HHS, Promising Futures project.

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