Decorative Image of the updated Connected Parents, Connected Kids safety card. The front of the card depicts from left to right, black father or caretaker and child smiling, the child is being held by piggyback. The middle panel depicts a pregnant belly only, with two hands placed on the belly in the shape of a heart, both hands have painted nails. The third image is a brown-skinned or indigenous woman is holding a child in her arms face to face and smiling, the child is shown playfully eating the caretakers nose. Also partially depicted behind the first card is the back of the resource with national violence prevention resources for parents and caretakers.
Connected Parents, Connected Kids ACEs Safety Card (Hard Copy and PDF) $0.00
Health, healing, and relationships: You are not alone (Hard Copy and PDF) $0.00

This card is being phased out for our new “Sex, Pleasure, Choice” card. We will send out as long as we have stock on hand. Please see below for more information.


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Did You Know Your Relationship Affects Your Health? Reproductive Health Safety Card? Is being phased out for a new card  “Sex, Pleasure, Choice” (details below).   

We currently have stock but will not be reprinting this card.



The revised Reproductive Health safety card (2017), “Did You Know Your Relationship Affects Your Health?”, was developed for family planning and reproductive health settings. Intentionally designed for discretion this 4-panel double sided 3.5″ x 8″ resource folds down to 3.5″ x 2″. This business card-sized tool prompts patients to consider whether they are in a healthy relationship or have experienced reproductive coercion—forced sex, birth control sabotage, unwanted pregnancy, or violence—by an intimate partner. The card is designed to help women recognize how their intimate relationships may impact their reproductive health and their children’s health, while providing information for safety planning, national hotlines and resources for referral. Additionally, this updated version provides guidance on how to frame a supportive conversation to help a friend or relative who may be experiencing intimate partner abuse.

This tool is most effective when placed in private areas such as restrooms or exam rooms, and may be given to patients routinely as part of regular visits or upon disclosure of abuse (following routine assessment for violence by a healthcare provider), in conjunction with universal education.


The Sex, Pleasure, Choice patient education brochure was developed for use in sexual and reproductive health settings. Sexual and reproductive health providers, navigators, and educators can use this business card-sized tool to prompt conversations with patients about sexual and reproductive autonomy within their intimate and/or sexual relationships, experiences of sexual or reproductive coercion, and how these experiences may be impacting their health. The back panel of the card includes information on where patients can get support for themselves or a friend, a resource for safety decision making (MyPlan), as well as where to access low-cost sexual and reproductive healthcare. This card can be used with people of all genders and sexualities and is an updated version of FUTURES “Did you know your relationship affects your health?” safety card.

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