The National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence observes all federal holidays. On holidays that fall on a Monday, the HRC office will be closed and all shipments will be processed the following Monday.

Orders through the website will still be open, but processing will be delayed. Thank you for your patience and understanding – HRC Staff

The National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence (HRC) provides resources often as both PDF and Hard Copy products. However, we do not distribute all of our PDF resources in Hard Copy. If a product does not have “Hard Copy” in the title of the product, or if it does not have “Hard Copy” as an option to add to your cart, then the Hard Copy is not available.

Additionally, while we are working on expanding the languages that our resources are translated to, we are not currently able to provide Hard Copy resources in all languages. We are happy to work with anyone who would like to print resources themselves, whether that be a referral to the print company that we use, or sending out the print ready file of the resource if available.

Hard copy resources are now available!

Hard copy distribution was paused from March 16, 2020 – November 2, 2020. We have re-opened shipments of resources with a limited shipping schedule. Please see the following FAQ section for details.

As of November 2, 2020 the HRC has resumed Hard Copy shipments of resources on a limited shipping schedule.

All orders made will be processed on the Monday of the following week. Orders made on Monday will be processed the following Monday.

All orders are shipped via UPS and USPS. For UPS shipments, tracking information will be emailed to all those who included an email with their order from the UPS tracking system. USPS shipments are also tracked, but the tracking information will be emailed to you from FUTURES Staff, if an email was included with your contact information when your order was made.

The HRC offers the option to “Localize” our safety cards, and some brochures and posters. Localization includes making small edits to the resources featured on the card to add local resources that survivors can access within your area. This could also include your clinic or organization’s logo on the card as well if you are passing them out at events or making them available at partnering organizations.

Localization does not typically involve edits to the content of our safety cards, unless presented to us under special circumstances, like suggestions to make the information more culturally relevant to your area’s demographic. Any edits to the content of our safety cards or other resources needs to be approved by Staff at FUTURES, with a formal permission letter issued once approval is given.

If you’d like to order and distribute localized resources please contact Health Team Staff:

All resources distributed from the National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence are free. These are resources that all include the word “Health” within their SKU. You will find the SKU in red colored text within the product description. You will also see the SKUs within your cart.

The FUTURES e-store also distributes resources from other programs within our organization, which may not be free.

There will be a flat rate shipping fee applied at check out.

Shipping fees vary based on which program your resource is from.

All Coaches Kit orders are charged $5.00 flat rate shipping within the United States.

All HRC orders are charged $15.00 flat rate shipping for delivery within the United States (an adjustment from our previous tiered system).

If your order contains both a Coaches Kit and an HRC product you will be charged the $15.00 flat rate shipping fee (for delivery within the United States).

International shipping is currently set for $25.00 flat rate.

These shipping charges are subject to change at any time.

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